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Restaurants and Bars
Burst new menu items, specials of the day, and live entertainment. Burst when thereʼs a long wait or when thereʼs no wait to fill your place!

Flower Shops
Burst reminders to buy flowers for anniversaries, proms, birthdays, and holidays. Has it been lousy weather? Burst how flowers would brighten up someoneʼs home!

Burst new homes and apartments on the market and advertise open houses. Add a picture and show the place off!

Reach your voters with an immediacy that your competitors canʼt beat. Connect with your political party like never before. Burst reminders for election day or a budget referendum.

Reach all of your clients to notify them of important issues or events. Simply give them the peace of mind that your are working diligently to protect their wealth.

Car Dealerships
Burst pictures of the cars available on your lot to show consumers what they could be driving. Burst when new cars come in, and any special deals happening.

Animal Services
Burst special ways for owners to take care of their furry babies. Are you a pet salon? Burst how Fido needs a bath. Are you a kennel? Burst about the vacation pets can have with you. Are you a veterinarian? Burst about keeping Fido healthy with a check up!

Dentists and Doctors
Taking on new patients? Burst it! Burst about keeping pearly whites pearly and bodies healthy by setting up an appointment. Appointments available? Let consumers know by bursting it!

Auto Body Shops
Let people know youʼll take care of them if they get in an accident! Burst reminders for drivers to get their tires rotated, oil changed, and alignment done with you.

Dry Cleaners
Burst about storage options for wedding gowns or winter clothing. Burst how clean clothes will be after visiting your store!

New Business
New to the area? Send a burst out to consumers letting them know youʼve arrived in their area. Invite them to come check you out!

Whether your business provides IT, staffing, or civic services, you can burst it. Let consumers know what your company offers and how it can benefit them.

Burst how relaxing your massages are, how cleansing your facials are, how itʼs time for a new hair style, and how well youʼll take care of your clients. Appointments available? Let consumers know by Bursting it!

Sports and Outdoors
Are you a sports organization? Burst sign up deadlines and game schedules. Are you an outdoor recreation facility? Burst when youʼre open for the season and what amenities you offer.

Packages start as low as $50 per month. If you’re interested in using Kaburst for your business, send an email to sales@kaburst.com and a Kaburst Representative will contact you.