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Frequently Asked Questions

Kaburst is committed to local communities and puts this commitment into action by offering free services to all non-profit and civic organizations. Kaburst can help these organizations enhance their communication with existing friends, supporters, and sponsors. Kaburst provides a way for non-profit and civic organizations to create a direct connection with the greater community.

Non-profits and civic organizations can burst:

    • Upcoming fundraisers and events
    • Volunteer opportunities
    • Donation items needed
    • Hours of operation
    • Preventative health care information
    • General information about the specific organization

To help promote your organization, Kody the Kangaroo is available to attend your events. Kaburst can co-brand with your group to help share your information with the community and to sign up more of your friends, supporters, and sponsors on the Kaburst system.

At the end of every fiscal year, Kaburst will distribute 1% of its gross revenue to non-profit organizations using the Kaburst system.

Kaburst reserves the right to refuse a non-profit organization and limit the number of non-profit agencies it supports.